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State of the Art of Investing: Issue 22

State of the Art of Investing: Issue 22



13 Trends Significantly Impacting the Investment Profession (and current links to relevant information on them)

Benjamin Graham once said that the true investment professional would "develop a more professional attitude towards his work and a keener interest in maintaining and advancing the standards of his calling." Those standards continue to advance, as most investment professionals can attest.

To keep the CFA program current and relevant, CFA Institute continuously interviews investment management practitioners, employers and regulators through its practice analysis. The 2017 practice analysis identified 13 trends likely to have a significant impact on the investment profession over the next three years. As I advance my own knowledge of these trends I will try to share links to interesting resources in posts like this one. Opinions expressed are mine, not those of CFA Institute. Whether you find them useful or can suggest improvement, please let me know (both so I can learn more and so I can make these posts more useful to others.)

The impact of regulation on investment decision making

  • Regulators walk a fine line between involvement and market distortion
  • CFTC may classify ICO tokens as commodities

The role of "big data" in financial analysis

The effects of the low/negative interest rate environment

  • The Fed is going to take its time raising rates.
  • Will geopolitical risks be the catalyst for higher rates?
  • You have to be creative to earn a decent yield these days

The effects of pension funding shortfalls

The use of robo-advisors in private wealth management

Increased global demand for alternative investments

Risk factor asset allocation approaches

The need for investment managers with fintech skills

The need for investment managers with soft skills

"Smart Beta" strategies

Greater demand for active investment management

The role of ESG factors in investing

The importance of understanding financial market history

Anything else I should be reading?

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