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Tales of the CFA Program

After I wrote a blog post called "How the CFA Program Shaped My Career," I was surprised by the positive response it generated. In retrospect, I should not have been surprised. Many businesses strive to appeal to the human need for togetherness, or a sense of common purpose with their customers. The CFA program has that naturally.

I also thought that it would be great to hear the stories of other CFA charterholders, and to have a place to share them all. Thus this post. If you have a story to tell about your experience with the CFA program (as a candidate or a member) provide me with a link and I will add it to this post (in reverse chronological order.)

"The money I lost was large enough to fund the education needs of the entire village. It was so painful that I said, this was completely gambling what I did. And that is when my real education of stock investments started. I enrolled for CFA," says Samit Vartak, founder and Chief Investment Officer at SageOne Investment Advisors.

An anonymous charterholder shares some tips - including an unusual one.  

Matthew Little describes his atypical career path

Sophie describes how the CFA Charter helped her get a job

Choosing the CFA Program over an MBA was not a difficult choice for Woon Wee Min

Vincent Papa, CFA, notes that the CFA Program "illuminated for me the capital markets application of accounting information."

Konstantinos Stergiou, CFA shares the CFA charterholder's ethos: Knowledge creates well-being.

Sara Grillo says "getting my CFA designation became the thing that has had the single greatest impact on my career."

Christine of 300 Hours tells the story of when she decided to enroll in the CFA program.

"Even though I’ve never done a discounted cash flow in my life, the CFA (program) was absolutely worth it," says Michael Batnick.

Rani Piputri on why she is a Proud CFA Charterholder

Dealbreaker's Matt Levine on what he learned studying for Level I

Do you have a CFA program story to tell? Send me the link!

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State of the Art of Investing: Issue 9

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